Archie Morris
A morris
Key information
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Occupation Physician
Specialty Emergency Medicine
Title Resident (2003-2006)
Attending (2006-2009)
Family Unknown father (deceased)
Spouse Claudia Diaz (girlfriend)
Children Hana, Michael, Max, Melia
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Scott Grimes
First episode "Dear Abby" (guest)
"Canon City" (regular)
Last episode "And in the End..."
Appearances 111 episodes (see below)

Archie Morris is a major character in ER.

Character HistoryEdit

To be added.

Trivia Edit

In S4E6 of the series Shameless, Scott Grimes appears as Dr Zabel, who mentions that he is old friends with Frank (played by William H. Macy aka David Morgenstern). Both ER and Shameless take place in Chicago.