"An Intern's Guide to the Galaxy"
Season 11, Episode 5
Air date November 4, 2004
Written by Lisa Zwerling
Directed by Arthur Albert
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"Time of Death"

"An Intern's Guide to the Galaxy" is the fifth episode of the eleventh season of ER. It first aired on NBC on November 4, 2004. It was written by Lisa Zwerling and directed Arthur Albert. It has Greg Pratt assigning first-year interns Abby Lockhart, Ray Barnett, and Neela Rasgotra to discharge a large number of patients during their shifts in order to track their output.


Pratt assigns first year interns Abby, Ray and Neela to discharge a large number of patients during their shift. The day is Neela's first day back on in ER and is rusty as she faces the competition.

Ray leads the contest, but may have not paid enough attention to the patients and makes a major mistake; he greenlights organ donation without getting proper consent from the decedent's wife and sped through the paperwork, earning a reprimand from Carter. Abby takes a gamble to get HIV-protective medication for a patient.

NBC Description

Neela (Parminder Nagra) returns to the ER after working at the Convenient Store near the hospital.

On Neela's first day, Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) expects the interns, Abby (Maura Tierney), Ray (Shane West) and Neela to take on a large patient load during their shifts at the hospital. Pratt turns processing the patients into a competition in which Ray is clearly going to be the winner.

In the rush to process the patients and stay in the lead, however, Ray makes a big mistake donating a patient's organs against the family's wishes. Ray helps Abby obtain HIV medication from the pharmacy against hospital policy for a patient that had unprotected sex.

Carter (Noah Wyle) asks Wendall (Madchen Amick) to walk out with him in a coy pursuit.


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Ray: Lesson number one, feed the nurses. It will make your jobs fifty percent easier.
Ray: Multi-task is the key to survival in the ER.
Abby: Is that really the best advice you can come up with?
Ray: Second best, first is feed the nurses.
Neela: Fine. I'm just slow.
Ray: You're not slow, you're just differently abled. Don't let Pratt get to you, okay. Abby's slower than you are. (Abby walks in) Not that he'd ever call her out on it, but attendings love her, nurses protect her... Must be nice to be the teacher's pet.
Abby: Screw you, Ray!