"Alone In A Crowd"
Season 11, Episode 15
Air date February 17, 2005
Written by Dee Johnson
Directed by Jonathan Kaplan
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Alone in A Crowd is the 15th episode of the 11th season of "E.R."


Ellie Shore (guest star Cynthia Nixon) is a mother of three who has a stroke and cannot speak. While she is treated, we are inside her head, hearing her thoughts.

Wendall dumps Carter on their three-month anniversary since he's clearly still attached to Kem.

Neela and Ray treat three kids with a suspicious father. Morris has applied for Chief Resident. Luka and Carter want Pratt for the job, but he's not interested.

Dubenko wants to write up a case with Abby, but is he interested in taking her on a date instead. Luka and Sam discuss kids.

NBC DescriptionEdit

IF A LONE TREE FALLS IN THE FOREST, DOES IT MAKE A SOUND? - CYNTHIA NIXON GUEST STARS: When a young mother of three (guest star Cynthia Nixon, "Sex & the City") is brought into the ER with potentially fatal stroke-like symptoms, Kovac (Goran Visnjic) and Sam (Linda Cardellini) race against the odds to save her life.

Knowing that a controversial surgical procedure is his wife's only shot at a full recovery, a husband must make the unenviable decision to risk her life in order to save it.

Meanwhile, Neela (Parminder Nagra) and Ray (Shane West) discover a dark secret when three ostensibly neglected children show up in the ER.

Elsewhere, Carter (Noah Wyle) finds himself in the midst of a love triangle when Wendall's (Madchen Amick) professions of love force him to either cut the ties in Africa or lose her.

Laura Innes, Sherry Stringfield, Maura Tierney, Ming-Na, and Mekhi Phifer also star.


  • Although in the opening credits, Laura Innes does not appear in this episode.
  • Scott Grimes's real-life niece, Camryn Grimes appears as Erin Shore (Ellie Shore's daughter) in this episode.


Carter (to Wendell): Look, I'm sorry.
Wendell: Who was it?
Carter: It was stupid, it was rude and I'm sorry. Can we go back inside please?
Wendell: Is this a little diversion for you until she comes back to the States?
Carter: It's freezing out here.
Wendell: Go back inside, John.
Carter: Hey, hey, I had a baby with her. What am I supposed to do? Cut her out of my life completely because I'm with you now?
Wendell: Are you with me?
Carter: Can we just please go back inside? Don't, come on. Don't walk away! OK, so that's it. One phone call and you're gone, huh?
Wendell: One phone call? You were in bed with me, John. You could have mentioned that, somewhere between "how are you" and "how's the weather".
Carter: Look, we spend every night together, we enjoy each other's company, we have fun... Alright. I know what you want me to say, and... and I can't say it, OK? I'm sorry.
Wendell: Well, at least you're honest.
Carter: Look, it doesn't mean that we can't...
Wendell: Yeah, it does. (walks away)
Carter: (sighs) Wendell!
Sam (to Luka): Is that something you think you might want again? Kids?
Luka: You?
Sam: I don't know. I can't really imagine myself with an infant again.

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