"A Simple Twist of Fate"
Season 8, Episode 15
Air date February 28, 2002
Written by R. Scott Gemmill
Directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall
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A Simple Twist of Fate is the 15th episode of the 8th season of "E.R."


NBC DescriptionEdit

WILL DR. GREENE'S FAMILY FALL APART? CAN ABBY PROTECT BATTERED NEIGHBOR? MARY MCDONNELL AND MICHAEL GROSS GUEST-STAR: While their baby daughter continues to fight for her life, Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards) has sharp words with his wife, Dr. Corday (Alex Kingston), after she orders Rachel (Hallee Hirsh) out of their home while Abby (Maura Tierney) might regret championing a battered female neighbor (guest star Christina Hendricks) who refuses to press charges against her abusive husband (guest star Matthew Settle).

Elsewhere, some bad munchies soon have everyone scurrying for the bathroom as Kovac (Goran Visjnic) returns to help out a short-handed staff.

In addition, Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) confronts his mother (guest star Mary McDonnell, "Dances with Wolves") over issues of emotional abandonment and gets a surprise visit from his father (guest star Michael Gross, "Family Ties").

The ER team treats an elderly "polar bear" swimmer with heart problems; a fearful 15-year-old girl with vaginal bleeding, and a recent lottery winner who's unlucky enough to have been stabbed by a falling icicle; a diminutive lap dancer (guest star Debbie Lee Carrington) who accidentally swallows a customer's wedding ring.

Laura Innes, Paul McCrane, Ming-Na and Sherry Stringfield also star.





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