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"A River in Egypt"
Season 8, Episode 12
Air date January 17, 2002
Written by David Zabel
Directed by Jesus S. Trevino
Episode chronology
← previous
"Beyond Repair"
next →
"Damage is Done"

A River in Egypt is the 12th episode of the 8th season of "E.R."


Abby calls the police when she hears her neighbor beat his wife, but they say it was all a misunderstanding. Kerry Weaver and Sandy Lopez has a argument about Kerry's refusal to come out as a lesbian, and Sandy kisses her in front of all the people in the ER.

Dr. Lewis treats a death-row inmate who is brought in with stabwounds but would rather die than get treatment. Jing-Mei asks to be re-instated as an attending physician and threatens a law suit if her request is not granted.

Carter treats a patient who is a rising rapper who won't accept that he is HIV positive. And Carter also plays intermeriary between his parents, but his father insists the marriage is over.





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