"9½ Hours"
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date November 10, 1994
Written by Robert Nathan
Directed by James Hayman
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Susan Lewis' boyfriend Div Cvetic, a psychiatric resident at County General, seems to be under a great deal of stress regularly lashing out at everyone. Doug Ross takes over for Mark Greene who takes a day off to be with his wife. He has a hard time keeping up with all the paperwork. John Carter is increasingly frustrated with Peter Benton who never seems to invite him to participate in surgeries.

Benton learns the result of the fellowship he applied for and his mother shows up in the ER with a sprained ankle. Carol Hathaway treats a patient who was raped. A new ER aide, Bob, start work.

NBC DescriptionEdit

CALLING DR. ROSS: When Dr. Greene calls in sick to spend the day with his wife, Jennifer (Christine Harnos), Ross is left in charge of the ER.

Dr. Benton learns that he's lost the Starze Fellowship to Dr. Langworthy (Tyra Ferrell) and Dr. Cvetic (John Terry) exhibits unreasonable behavior.

Dr. Carter develops a crush on Dr. Lewis.

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